Quiz-solving job – $735/week

In for free time, do you like solving puzzles and quizzes? What would you say if you were paid for this? Now, it’s possible, you can earn $735 every week by playing and testing quiz apps. Feel free to see the full job details below:

Job title: Earn $735 every week by testing and reviewing quiz apps.

Job description: Some quiz app developers that we collaborate with just launched their trendy and brand-new quiz apps. You can solve puzzles, quizzes, and much other fun stuff in those apps. As with all brand-new apps, those are not perfect, they have some imperfections. To compete in this worldwide market, those app developers need to make their apps work perfectly fine. This is where you come in, working as an app tester. All need to do is download, use, and test their apps. After using them, you need to write and post a 200 – 300 words review about your experience.

Pay: $735 a week ($35/hour).

Location: Those companies are looking for people, especially from your country.

Requirements: To fit this remote job, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, a reliable internet connection, and 3 hours of your free time per day.

Necessary Experience: Why should you need a previous experience in such a simple and fun job? You simply have to use and test those apps and you’ll earn money for doing so. If you don’t know how to download or sign up, no worries, you’ll receive full training on it.

What do you say? You can handle this fun job?

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