Write Video Scripts for TikTokers – $304/day

We are interested in employing you if you are familiar with how TikTok works. We urgently need to fill a number of positions related to this social platform. This is a remote job, so you can do it in your country or all over the world.

Roles: This job consists of writing short video scripts for TikTok influencers. A framework to follow and guidelines will be given for the product involved. Then you will simply write short scripts that showcase the product.

Contract length: No fixed term.

Rate: $38 per hour (depending on experience and the type of job).

Skills/background needed: To qualify for this remote job, you must:

Have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC;

Be able to work independently;

Read and write English on a basic level;

Be ready to follow the procedures and instructions provided;

Want to work at least 5 hours per week;

Have a reliable internet connection.

Hours per week: Flexible

Location: Being a remote job, you can work from your country or all over the world

We are constantly increasing the number of remote workers for these positions.

If you think you qualify for this job, please apply below.